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ScreenAdventure! An innovative 2D retro-puzzle platformer game with 1BIT graphic where the goal is to save your wife, who was kidnapped by Mr. Erimo because he HATE you! There are many levels, each introduce new mechanisms or improve the difficulty! As any good platformer game, there will be full gamepad support! Also there will be monthly update, complete with NEW Levels or NEW mechanisms!

There are many easter eggs and secret levels! You can also use different characters from the old good games, like Super meat boy!


The main character never become stronger by "eating" power ups, only the design of the level change improving the difficulty and adding new mechanisms. Talking about mechanisms, there are many of the "classic" ones, like saws, spikes and enemies...but there are also "innovative" mechanisms, like the "drone"! This enemy will follow you everywhere and the only way you can kill him it's be faster than him! Be sure I will add new innovative mechanisms in the near future!

Install instructions

Download and open it. remember that it's just a demo! :)


ScreenAdventure.exe (3 MB)

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